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Welcome to dwcares. I’ve spent the past nine years as an engineer building user experiences at Microsoft and now I’m starting something new. I’m on a one-way flight from Seattle to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Instead of building large-scale products, I’ll be working with the community of mobile app developers as a Technical Evangelist. Along with my peer Adam, I’ll meet with students, startups and folks working on the side, in the Twin Cities area, around the Midwest and online.

The primary purpose of this blog is to discuss successfully building great mobile apps. The topics here will spread from planning out your app and user experience, to getting paid for your apps, to details about building touch-optimized controls and interactions — with some code sprinkled in here and there. I’ll draw examples from my experience at Microsoft and knowledge of Windows, Windows Phone and Windows Azure. Thanks for reading and I look forward to our discussion.


Minneapolis Search Hero on Windows 8.1

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