Hi. I’m David Washington and I am a Microsoft Technical Evangelist based in Minneapolis, MN. I moved to Minneapolis in August from Seattle where I spent nine years as an engineer at Microsoft. As the Microsoft Technical Evangelist, I’ll be working with students, startups and independent app developers in the Twin Cities and surrounding area who are interested or need help with Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure.

Before my new gig, I worked as a Senior Program Manager Lead on Windows 8.1, leading a team of people designing the text suggestions UX and platform for the touch keyboard. Before that, I drove the end-to-end experience for how Windows 8 scales and adapts responsively across all screens sizes, from tablet to laptop to desktop, portrait and landscape and high pixel density screens. I presented some of the developer story at the BUILD 2011 conference and wrote blog the scaling to screens and portrait blog posts on the Building Windows 8 blog. In my early days at Microsoft, I drove the Windows Explorer, Search and file Dialog features and developer platform. I spoke at the PDC 2008 developer conference about how to integrate into the Windows 7 Explorer features.

Recently I started building apps for Windows 8 in my spare time and I love it! I publish apps to the Windows Store under the name “The Robot”. I look forward to connecting with you on this blog and meeting with you if you’re in the area!


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