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Introducing WinJS TouchControls

In an earlier post, I walked through step-by-step how to build pull to refresh. While informative, it is a lot of work if you just want to add this cool trick to your app. In this video, I show you how to use TouchControls to add pull to refresh to your existing app in a couple minutes.

I made TouchControls, in order to help WinJS developers who want to easily improve the touch interactivity of their apps. It’s a NuGet package of WinJS controls that you can add through Visual Studio. Over time I’ll continue to add more controls based on common app patters I see and feature requests. Add a comment on this post if you have feature ideas!

TouchControls is availiable on NuGet:

Here is GitHub link for TouchControls for code and documentation:

Pro Tip: If you want to make your own WinJS controls, read Brandon Paddock’s post on custom WinJS controls. I wish he had written this before I made TouchControls!

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    • Thanks phil! I added that in a revision. It was super lame to have to edit a variable when you’re done loading. promises ftw