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In the last post, How to make an app logo that doesn’t suck, we talked through three acts on how to make something that looks good. The final act is to put your design out there and get feedback on it.

Getting feedback on your logo is going to make it better. This doesn’t mean you’re designing by committee, or crowd sourcing your design, it just means you’re getting more sources of input to help you evaluate what you’ve created. In my experience, the design discussion is one of the most essential and valuable tools available to a team building UX.

To the Reddits!

With our Coffee Finder app, let’s look at how feedback can make the design better. On Reddit, mattattaxx provided a ton of great feedback about our initial logo design. Here is some of the feedback paraphrased:

  1. The map pointer doesn’t look good when it’s small
  2. The cup and lid don’t make good use of negative space
  3. The cup and lid are too long and look stretched

Use the feedback to improve your design

In this case, mattattax outlined a ton of actionable ideas that I could directly use, but also it’s up to me to apply it in a way that fits my design goals. Using his feedback, I applied the following changes to the design:

  1. Made the logo fill a square better, by not being so long
  2. Centered the logo differently on the splash screen vs. the tile
  3. Simplified the pushpin logo
  4. Made the lines in the drawing more pronounced

End up with something better

The end result is something that I think looks better, and is more recognizably meet your goals. Here are all the updated images and svg file. What do you think? How would you improve the Coffee Finder logo further?

Screenshot (56)

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  1. Let me know if I’m out of line but i think the cup can be further simplify by removing the cap shape. One is that at a smaller resolution the cap shape will be so small it might become an distraction and confusion when look at and two simpler logo in most case mean easier to remember?

  2. Good feedback. Simplifying is usually better. You make a good point about small resolutions. In my original post I talk about using tools to export your logo to different sizes. Some sizes are too small visually, or don’t have enough pixels to adequetly convey the information from your logo. In my own apps, I often create a simplified version (or flat perspective) for smaller sizes.

    I’m not quite able to visualize your proposal, could you sketch it out and link it into the comments? I think if I removed the lid entirely, it may look too much like a tumbler or a beer glass and lose the coffee symbolism I was looking for.

    If I see a sketch though, I’m prepared to be proven wrong! thanks for your comment!