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Slide Deck, an app for Windows 8

Slide Deck, a simple presentation app that I wrote for Windows 8, was just released on the Windows Store. It’s meant for building and presenting lightweight slide decks from a Windows 8 tablet. You should download it and try it out! In a series of blog posts, I plan on deconstructing some of the interesting elements of what it took to make the app and how to apply that to planning and building your apps.

Here are a few topics I had in mind:

  • How I planned out what the app does and how it looks
  • How I built the app layout using HTML5, JS and CSS
  • How I used and customized the system controls
  • How I created and tuned the animations with CSS

Try out the app and I’d love to hear what you think and any topics you’d be interested in reading about. Thanks, David

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